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Anonymous: I really, really hate de finale. I can't believe that after all this time, after 9 seasons, the mother is dead! IS AWFUL! And also it makes me very angry the fact that Robin and Ted end up together

22 notes - 24 July, 2014

driving-down-the-101: Barney and Robin ended together for me. Let's just forget the last episode...

21 notes - 24 July, 2014

Anonymous: I always thought Nora was Barney's true love and they never actually wrote a character that would be Robins true love because they were saving her for Barney and ultimately Ted.

10 notes - 24 July, 2014

Anonymous: I always thought that Nora and Barney belonged together. She wasn't like Robin or Quinn at all. She was willing to look past Barney's mistakes and flaws, and was even willing to forgive him when he cheated on her. I believe she truly loved him, and I only wished Barney had stayed.

15 notes - 24 July, 2014

Anonymous: The ending really pissed me off. The show should have been called "How Ted Never Got Over Aunt Robin."

29 notes - 24 July, 2014

Anonymous: I hate how his kids reacted. I don't know why but it just seemed too jokey

15 notes - 24 July, 2014

legendaryscenesquotes: I hated the finale, but I loved how they actually bothered making everyone's hair look the way it did on 2005 in it. Especially Barney's.

9 notes - 24 July, 2014

Anonymous: As much as I love Robyn for a time it felt it was the 'every boy except Marshall and her dad loves Robyn, who will she choose' show

7 notes - 24 July, 2014

Anonymous: I love Barney and his baby

14 notes - 20 July, 2014

legendaryscenesquotes: I stopped shipping Ted & Robin in the end of season 4. Not because of Barney, but because Robin really became a bitch.

20 notes - 20 July, 2014