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Anonymous: The thing I didn't like about the finale the most is how they had Ted and Tracey wait so long to get married. Ted was never like that in the show he always wanted to be in that relationship, and have his future. So, why would they change him?

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Anonymous: Sandwiches

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Anonymous: Thank you for sharing your opinions, even though I couldn't get to reading all of them, I found it very interesting to see how much my thoughts and your thoughts were similar and I find that comforting c:

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Anonymous: I believe that thing the finale handled right was Barney's and Robin's divorce. Because people can realize that they can't be together anymore, for reason's that have nothing to do with their feelings for each other. But I HATE the way they handled Tracy's death. It was offensive and disrespectful. But THE WORST was the kids reaction. SHOW SOME EMOTION FOR YOUR DEAD MOTHER! And this is coming from someone who lost a parent 7 years ago. So I call bullshit on the "it's been 6 years" excuse.

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Anonymous: (cont) but Ted had to move on from her after she passed away. He waited an appropriate amount of time and it made sense that he went for Robin again because even though she wasn't his soul mate, he found true love with her.

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Anonymous: I actually like the season finale because it showed that even though everything doesn't magically gets better in the future, and not everyone grows up, some things can still change for the better. For example, even though Barney continued to have a hard time with settling down with one woman, when he became a father, we saw the only girl he would commit to would be his daughter. Another example is Ted meeting the mother. Yes, she was his soul mate and they were legendary(yes I'm using that word)

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Anonymous: I know everyone hated the finale, but I was oddly pleased. I always liked Ted and Robin together. As interesting as Barney and Robin were together, I never thought they seemed like a healthy couple. It was a strange moment to realize the writers agreed (even though the build up to the wedding was nuts, and then the divorce was written so abruptly).

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insomniawithme: Part 2: (after HE hurt her feelings and HE lied about not having a girlfriend and HE took advantage of Robin's vulnerability). Unfriends Barney for sleeping with Robin even though he was with Stella already. Tries to force Stella to move her child from a comfortable home in NJ. I could go on forever. It bothered me that he acted terrible and we were expected to look at him as a "nice" guy. He sucked and him going back to Robin at the end was typical, typical Ted. Can't fault the creators 4 that.

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insomniawithme: This is going to be long. Sorry. 2 parts to this confession. Part 1: I really grew to hate Ted as the series progressed. I now think of him as one of those "nice guys" that are actually extremely entitled, oblivious and judgmental. I found him really hard to root for. All the characters had their flaws but something about him was worse. His obsession with Robin. Cheating on Victoria with Robin. Bringing a date to Robin's award ceremony to make her jealous

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Anonymous: Probably gonna get some hate for this but tbh the ending was actually good writing. Like I'm currently working on my own tv series and from writer to another I applaud them. The ending was very good, the writers just didnt deliver it properly

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