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Anonymous: I love Barney and his baby

14 notes - 20 July, 2014

legendaryscenesquotes: I stopped shipping Ted & Robin in the end of season 4. Not because of Barney, but because Robin really became a bitch.

18 notes - 20 July, 2014

Anonymous: I really hate that Robyn ended up with Ted

68 notes - 20 July, 2014

danawesomo: Ive spent the last few years watching HIMYM, it became part of my daily routine because i just instantly fell in love, and now it's over, i just can't stop watching all the reruns of everything because i just miss it so much, it teaches so many valuable lessons in life while still giving you comedy and characters that you can genuinely care about and relate to </3

21 notes - 20 July, 2014

Anonymous: I thought Barney's proposal to Quinn was so much more romantic and heartwarming then his proposal to Robin.

19 notes - 9 July, 2014

Anonymous: I knew from the beginning robin would always be the one

Same here!

8 notes - 9 July, 2014

Anonymous: My brother is watching all of HIMYM with no spoilers. He is up to Season 5 and said, "I think we're going to meet the mother this season and the rest is leading up to their wedding." Is it wrong that I want to laugh at him?

20 notes - 9 July, 2014

sissyree: Where can I find season 9

Help’em out everybody (seeing as I haven’t a clue, sorry!).

3 notes - 9 July, 2014

Anonymous: I always loved Robin and Barney as a couple because I loved the idea that even someone with such a fucked up personality and childhood like Barney and in the second case, Robin, can have happy ending. Even though its not popular opinion, i wish I'll once have a relationship like those two, in almost every aspect. Which is why it broke my heart when they divorced, and in absolute Barney OOC way. I cried during the finale so hard, because my OTP and everything I ever wanted was shred in pieces.

22 notes - 9 July, 2014

lakshm1: The part that made me really cry was in the last episode when Ted was saying goodbye to the gang before moving to Chicago ( which I'm so glad he didn't )

8 notes - 9 July, 2014